Crafting a Good Presentation

for dummies the less experienced the less confident



Developer Relations, Crate.IO etc…

Death by PowerPoint!

…Or Keynote, Reveal.JS…

Do you really need masses of text on this slide, that no one will be able to read anyway because it just goes on and on and on trying to fit a much information as humanly possible onto one slide for now particular reason but you never know do you it's probably best to put everything here just in case you forget to say it and most people have given up by now…
  • Maybe
  • lots
  • and lots
  • and lots
  • of bullet points will help?

You still here?

Max of 5 good points per slide

Size and Colour

Quality, meaningful and clear images (© cleared even better)

Make use of notes

Keep it simple




Arrive on time (or early)

Start on time

Finish on time (Question time!)


Tech and the ever growing world of "Dongles"

Timing, flow and "Getting on with it"

Rehearse. Then rehearse again

Code and Demos



Any Questions

Crafting a Story

Everything and everyone has a story to tell


Know your Audience

Know your Stuff

Staying and Keeping on Message


Keep up to date

If all else fails…


Thank you!

Chris Ward